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Welcome to the official DACOF Web Site!

Happy New Year to our DACOF Community!


Yes! The DACOF Board is already busy planning for DACOF 2024!!!


Our 2024 DACOF competition will be held Saturday and Sunday, June 29 & 30, 2024 at the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee, Florida with Run Thru’s on Friday, June 28.


Lisa Dempsey, Ronda Bermke, and Ross Johnson will be our 2024 Judges.


As always, with each new year there are new “Important DACOF Dates.”


The “Important Deadlines” for DACOF 2024 are as follows:

     1/22/2024 will be the Preferred Jump Height Cut-off Date,

     2/23/2024 will be the Roster Deadline,

     3/25/2024 will be the Title Cut-off Date,

     4/12/2024 will be the SUPER Early Bird Discount ($15/Dog) Deadline*

     4/26/2024 will be the REGULAR Early Bird Discount ($10/Dog) Deadline, and

     5/24/2024 is the DACOF Entry Deadline.


*The “Super Early Bird” discount category was a big hit last year and we will be continuing the option with a $15/Dog discount for COMPLETE entries received by 4/12/2024! As will the Regular Early Bird Discount for entries postmarked by 4/26/24. However, if elective changes are made at the request of the Team/Handler - other than to correct possible Trial Secretary entry errors - then the regular entry fee will apply.


Of course, all these dates can be found on our web page, at the “Important Deadlines” tab. For those who access the web page from a mobile device, the gray square at the upper-right of the web page is a link for the “Tabs” on the DACOF page.

Latest News:

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For DACOF 2024, based upon input from our Members, we will:


  1. We will continue with the DACOF T-Shirts! More than 66% of the 2022 DACOF Survey Responses requested we continue with the DACOF T-Shirts and we received significant positive feedback with the 2023 shirts!

  2. Mike Padget will be returning to groom the arena surface!

  3. FOUR (4) Excellent/Masters Dogs on each Team is now a permanent rule! Please remember, only the highest two (2) scores from each level (Novice, Open, Excellent/Master) will count towards the Team’s score, and a handler can only run one (1) dog at each DACOF Competition level per Team.

  4. Continue to have trophies as the DACOF awards.

  5. Continue to score Preferred dogs with the dogs from their standard (Regular) jump height. AND we will continue to award “High in Trial” trophies to both Preferred and Standard Dogs so that both a Preferred and a Regular dog, at each jump height, will be presented a “High in Trial” award.

  6. Continue providing the option of having 16” dogs run during either the Small or Large dog sessions. Team Captains will select either 16” Small (to run during the session with the 4” / 8” / 12” dogs) or 16” Large (to run during the session with the 20” and 24” dogs) on the Team Entry Form. This will allow each session to be more evenly matched in number of dogs running per session, and will provide Team Captains the flexibility of having handlers of 16” dogs available to work during either the Large or small dog session.

  7. Continue to synchronize the rings so that each round starts at the same time for all the dogs – allowing Teams to get their workers to the rings with less stress.

  8. Continue with the removal of the Pause Table from the Standard Run Judges from our DACOF Competitions in 2022 & 2019 recommended we remove the table from the Standard Run on Sunday.  We also received positive feedback from Members regarding the removal of the Table. So, there will be NO TABLE at DACOF 2024!

  9. “CATCH” (Crate Area Decorating Challenge) will be judged Saturday Judges from DACOF Competitions in 2022 & 2019 recommended we move the judging time for the “CATCH” (Crate Area Decorating Challenge) to Saturday afternoon/evening during our annual meeting instead of Sunday morning while we are walking the courses. This worked very well last year, and we will do the same again in 2024.


The DACOF Membership Fee (Each Handler) will remain at $25

(And, the DACOF T-Shirt will be included in the Membership Fee!)


The DACOF Entry Fee (Each Dog) will remain $110

(And, the “Super Early Bird” discount category of $15/Dog for COMPLETE entries received by 4/12/2024 will return in 2024!  But please note: if elective changes are made at the request of the Team/Handler after the discount period(s) - other than to correct possible Trial Secretary entry errors - then the regular entry fee will apply.)


Tampa Bay Agility Club, the winning Team from DACOF 2023, has chosen the TRIPLE JUMP as the “Obstacle” of choice for modeling of the 2024 DACOF Pin and T-Shirt!


As previously mentioned, the first “Important Deadline” of the 2024 DACOF year is the Preferred Jump Height Cut-off Date, January 22, 2024. So, all Handler/Dog Teams planning on running Preferred at DACOF 2024 must compete ONLY at their Preferred Jump Height after 1/22/2024. For complete DACOF Preferred Eligibility Rules, please see our web page, / Send a Team tab / Preferred Eligibility drop down.


Once again, Happy New Year to all our Members!

We are looking forward to another exceptional DACOF Year!

Best Regards,

Bill, Kathy, Jen, Deb & Erica

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