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DACOF 2022 is "in the history books" and by many accounts, it was the best DACOF event yet! The Board is working to complete and publish the 2022 Survey so our Members can provide additional feedback. We’ve already received many compliments on; the three wonderful Judges and their courses, the arena surface/footing, synchronizing the rings between each round, and the Agility Gate Application which significantly helped reduce the center aisle congestion over the weekend.


We would like to start this year’s closing message by thanking Rhonda Koeske and Betsy Walton, our retiring DACOF Secretary and Member at Large for their many years of service on the DACOF Board. Rhonda and Betsy have continuously contributed towards improving the DACOF Event, and making sure of its return, after the COVID cancellations. We thank you for your ideas, input, dedication, and time.

Next, we would like to welcome and thank our new Board Members.

Deb Smith is our “Newly Elected” DACOF Secretary. She is a life-long animal lover, dog trainer, and rescue supporter. She participates in USDAA and AKC Agility, Rally-O and Herding, both competing and training. Deb is semi-retired, living the agility and Border Collie dream in East Lake County, Florida. While Deb is “New” to this Board, she has served previously on past DACOF Boards. Welcome back!

Erica Benson is our newly elected Member at Large. After working with Betsy Walton, Jill Potter, and Rhonda Koeske this year, learning how to administer and manage the Friday Run-Thrus (She will be taking charge of the Run-Thrus in 2023) Erica also agreed to join the Board as Member at Large. Erica has been a member of Pals & Paws Dog Agility Club, in Jacksonville, FL since 2017. Marney and Lucky are Erica’s partners for Agility, Nose Work, Scent Work, Barn Hunt, and Fast CAT. Erica attended DACOF for her first time in 2018 as a volunteer and then competed for her first time at the 2019 DACOF Event. Erica’s business partner (and Mother) Lynn Lamoureux opened Green Dog Spa in 2011. Erica holds a Master’s degree from FSU and became a Master Groomer in February 2017 through National Dog Groomer’s Association of America. Welcome to the Board!

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Now, we would like to applaud the 2022 DACOF winners!

(ALL the 2022 DACOF Scores and Results have been posted to our web page, dacof.com at the “History” tab, “Winners/Results” drop down and on the DACOF Facebook “Files” section.)


First, Congratulations to Cliff MacBroom!

He is our 2022 Randy Reed Memorial Award Recipient.

Cliff dedicated significant time and purpose towards DACOF throughout the years as both a Founding Member and by serving on the Board. He was also instrumental in acquiring the Silver Spurs Arena as the current DACOF Venue.


Outstanding Sportsmanship Awards were presented to:

Jett Nieves from Paws in Motion for retuning a trophy she believed she didn’t earn but was awarded through a scoring error. Jett was a Novice Handler at the DACOF Event, and the returned trophy would have been her first ever award. The epitome of Outstanding Sportsmanship!

Sheyla Gutierrez from Sheyla Dogs for her outstanding patience, kindness, and calm helping several handlers resolve scoring issues throughout the weekend.


2022 High in Trial Junior Handlers:

12 Years Old and Under – Morgan Johnson with her teammate Anka

13 Years Old and Older – Eloise Charalambides with her teammate Stone


2022 Team Winners:

1st Place – Rise Up! / Sheyla Dogs

2nd Place – Cash Money Millionaires / Bratty Paws Dog Plex

3rd Place – Maverick / Connect! Dog Training

4th Place – Focus on ALL IN Poker Pooches / Agility Focus

5th Place – MVP Most Valuable Pups / Tailwaggers Learning Center

The Sheyla Dogs Team “Rise Up!” will have the honor of choosing the obstacle for the 2023 DACOF Pin!


2022 CATCH (Crating Area Team Challenge) Winners:

Connect! Dog Training - Large Team 1st Place ($100 towards 2023 Team Entry)

Agility Focus - Large Team Runner-up ($75 towards 2023 Team Entry)

Dog Training Club of Tampa - Small Team 1st Place ($75 towards 2023 Team Entry)

Shangri-La Farm - Small Team Runner-up ($50 towards 2023 Team Entry)


Bill Becker, Kathy Marble Brown, and Jen Young are all honored to have been reelected to the Board once again for DACOF 2023.


A Special Thanks to Jean Murray and Jinny Courtney, our outstanding DACOF Scoring Team and Trial Secretary, and to Michael Fortschneider, Lisa Fortschneider and the Shenanigans Team for their exceptional job chairing the DACOF Raffle!


Finally, a GIANT Thank-you to our entire Membership! DACOF Works because “we all work,” and this year was exceptional!


Please Remember…

We ask all our Members to look for, and participate in, the 2022 DACOF Survey! We listen to our Membership and utilize the survey results to plan our future competitions!


Best Regards,

Bill, Kathy, Jen, Deb & Erica


P.S. Save the dates of June 23, 24 & 25 for our DACOF 2023 Event!