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Hello DACOF Membership,


DACOF 2019 is "in the history books" and we really think it was one of our best events yet! The Board is diligently working to complete and publish the 2019 Survey so our Members can tell us what they think! We’ve already received many compliments on: the three wonderful Judges and their courses, the arena surface/footing, allowing a fourth Excellent/Master dog on each Team, how the “Large” and “Small” groups were split more evenly (including some 16” dogs in both groups), and the efforts to keep the center aisle less congested and clear during the competition.


We would like to applaud the 2019 DACOF winners!

(ALL the 2019 DACOF Scores and Results have been posted to our web page, dacof.com at the “History” tab, “Winners/Results” drop down and on the DACOF Facebook “Files” section.)

First, Congratulations to Rachel Flatley!

She is our 2019 Randy Reed Memorial Award Recipient.

Rachel has dedicated much time and purpose towards DACOF throughout the years as both a Founding Member and by serving on the Board. She was also instrumental in allowing Preferred Dogs to compete at DACOF and was on the Committee which brought Time-2-Beat to DACOF.

Outstanding Sportsmanship Awards were presented to:

The entire Happy Urban Dog Team

Zach Hance from Havenleah Dog Training

Keith Staub from Paws in Motion

Erica Benson from Pals and Paws

Marina Williams from Dog Training Club of St. Petersburg

Valerie Biehl from Indian River Dog Training Club

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2018 High in Trial Junior Handlers:​

12 Years Old and Under – Alyssa Lanier with her teammate Wrangler

                                        Jada Sawhnee with her teammate Bentlee

13 Years Old and Older – Anjalie Banerjee her teammate Annie


2018 Team Winners:

1st Place – Supernatural Dogs / Paws in Motion

2nd Place - Pals and Paws Starlight / Pals and Paws Dog Agility Club

3rd Place – SOTC Speedsters / Sarasota Obedience Training Club

4th Place – Pals and Paws Supernova / Pals and Paws Dog Agility Club

5th Place – Focus on Princesses / Agility Focus

The Paws in Motion Team Supernatural Dogs will have the honor of choosing the obstacle for the 2020 DACOF Pin!



2018 CATCH (Crating Area Team Challenge) Winners:

Connect! Dog Training - Large Team 1st Place ($100 towards 2020 Team Entry)

Agility Focus - Large Team Runner-up ($75 towards 2020 Team Entry)

Cool Critters - Small Team 1st Place ($75 towards 2020 Team Entry)

Central Florida Agility Club - Small Team Runner-up ($50 towards 2020 Team Entry)


The Board is honored to have been reelected once again for DACOF 2020.


Finally, a GIANT Thank-you to our entire Membership! DACOF Works because “we all work,” and this year was exceptional!


Please Remember…

We ask all our Members to look for, and participate in, the 2019 DACOF Survey! We listen to our Membership and utilize the survey results to plan our future competitions!


Best Regards,

Bill, Kathy, Jen, Rhonda & Betsy


P.S. Please save the dates of June 26, 27 & 28 for our DACOF 2020 Event!

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