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Erica Benson, DACOF Member at Large 2023-2024

Erica has been a member of Pals & Paws Dog Agility Club, in Jacksonville, FL since 2017. Marney and Lucky are Erica’s partners for Agility, Nose Work, Scent Work, Barn Hunt, and Fast CAT. Erica attended DACOF for her first time in 2018 as a volunteer and then competed for her first time at the 2019 DACOF Event. Erica’s business partner (and Mother) Lynn Lamoureux opened Green Dog Spa in 2011. Erica holds a Master’s degree from FSU and became a Master Groomer in February 2017 through National Dog Groomer’s Association of America. Erica is looking forward to serving as Member at Large on the 2023 DACOF Board!

Erica Benson Picture.jpg
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