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Dog Agility Competition Of Florida


Crating Area Team Challenge


Not every team can place at DACOF but everyone can try to win the Crating Area Team Challenge (CATCH)! So whether or not your team makes the Top 5 at the end of the day on Sunday, everyone has the opportunity to show their winning spirit with DACOF CATCH! We are offering Prizes towards following year DACOF entries for the Winners and Runners-Up (Large and Small Sponsor teams). 


Judging will occur SATURDAY AFTERNOON during the Annual Meeting/Awards Ceremony.


The only guidelines we give the Judges are the rules below. They will look for creativity and execution but will ultimately determine amongst themselves exactly how they want to score. If their flight schedules allow, we will ask them to name the winners at Sunday’s ceremony. Otherwise we’ll announce their decision at that time.


Prizes (paid toward following year DACOF entry fees!): 


Large Sponsor (15-27 dogs) 

Winner $100

Runner-Up $75


Small Sponsor (1 – 14 dogs) 

Winner $75

Runner-Up $50


There are only a few rules:

1) Decorations must stay within your assigned crating area.

2) Please no tape on the walls or arena surfaces!

    (even the special “Blue Painter’s” tape is NOT allowed!) 

3) Cables/wires on the floor must be taped down for safety.

    (tape on the floor is allowed for safety – but must be removed when cleaning up!) 

4) Be respectful of your neighbors. If you choose to use sound, please play only before

    and after the canine competition. (i.e. not while dogs are running!)

5) Food buffets (even cleverly disguised at CATCH Decorations) are not allowed!

    (all “outside” food items must be enjoyed “discreetly” or we will lose the privilege

    of bringing in outside food items!)

6) If a Team’s decorations include a pop-up tent, regular tent, covering or enclosure, a fire extinguisher must be provided, visible and present at all times!



Good luck and get your creativity on!

Rev January 2024

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