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RV Reservations

Hello DACOF Membership!

The On-Line RV Reservations will open Thursday, April 28, at 10:00am. Members will complete an online form by providing required information (Name, Address, Phone #, email address, RV License Plate #, RV Length, Date of Arrival, Date of Departure) and will submit the form electronically. Subsequently, Members will receive an auto-reply email confirming their information has been submitted. Upon receipt of the auto-reply email confirmation, Members can feel confident their request has been submitted and received. RV Requests will be processed on a First-Come, First-Serve Basis. Jessie at Silver Spurs will then send Members (in that order and in-between her other Job Duties) a follow-up email with a secure link and password to submit payment. After Payment has been submitted, Members will receive another email with an electronic payment receipt.


!!! PLEASE do not call Silver Spurs to inquire about DACOF RV Reservations, and please
wait until 10:00am Thursday, April 28 to begin the online reservation process !!!


We’ve granted Silver Spurs permission to move any of our Members to the bottom of the list who try “jumping the gun,” to make reservations early. PLEASE be patient! Calling Silver Spurs or submitting an online entry before April 28th at 10:00am will result in your reservation being moved to the bottom of the list of all registrations received on Thursday.


Following are the instructions for On-Line RV Registration.


To begin the online entry process, navigate to the Osceola Heritage Park Website at:

Hover over the “Events & Tickets” link at the very left side of the home page banner.

Select the “View All Events” link from the drop-down menu choice.

Scroll down and click the “Load More Events” link.

Scroll down again and click the “Dog Agility Competition of Florida” icon/link which will now be visible.

Scroll down to, and click “RV Reservations” and then click “For RV Reservations, please click here.”

A Secure window (https://) will open to enter required information.

Provide all information, agree to the two statements, and click “Submit”

An auto-reply confirmation email will be generated and sent to the email address that was provided. This email will usually be received within ten minutes of clicking the “Submit” button. The auto-reply email will confirm the RV Request has been submitted.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - do not follow the online entry up with a phone call to Jessie or send in multiple On-Line Reservation Requests. This will only slow the process down for everyone! Instead, please relax, be patient and wait for the auto-reply email! If you do not receive the auto-reply email after ten minutes, we ask you to look to see if the email was automatically moved into one of the Trash, Spam or Garbage Folders of your email program BEFORE re-submitting an additional online request or contacting Silver Spurs.


Additionally, Members may want to add to their email program’s “Safe Senders” or “White List” which may prevent the email from being moved to one of those folders.


After receiving the auto-reply email confirming the RV Request, your place in the RV Reservation line has been established and you can wait for the payment email from Jessie – which will not come until later in the day, or the week, or possibly even the following week.


We feel confident everyone will be able to navigate the online entry process successfully. It ran very smoothly and without incident for DACOF’s 2017, 2018 & 2019!


Thanks in advance for your patience!

Bill & the Board

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