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Randy Reed Memorial Award

In 2011, The Board of Directors of the Dog Agility Competition of Florida (DACOF) created an award celebrating the spirit of the late Randy Reed. Randy was an integral part of a group of dedicated agility enthusiasts who created DACOF in 2000, with the first competition occurring in 2001. Working in uncharted waters, they created a state agility competition that can be found nowhere else in the United States. 


Through the years, Randy worked tirelessly to ensure DACOF became a fixture of Florida agility. Randy served continuously on the Board completing four terms as the President. Randy was a leader and an enthusiastic volunteer with the utmost of patience and endless ideas. Not only did Randy serve during the months surrounding the competition, but at the competition itself he was in perpetual motion course building, stepping in anywhere he was needed and running his dogs. As busy as he was, Randy always had time for a friendly smile and hello and always made time to congratulate (or commiserate with) someone on their run. Sadly, Randy passed away a few weeks prior to the 2010 competition. He is deeply missed by everyone who knew him. The Randy Reed Memorial Award is a way for us to ensure that, just like DACOF, Randy Reed will always be a fixture of Florida agility. It helps us to remember and celebrate all that he gave and inspires us to be the best we can be. 


Each year the DACOF Membership will be invited to nominate persons who have had an impact on agility in Florida, especially DACOF, and they should exemplify the qualities that Randy possessed. Nominations will be accepted from May 1 through May 19 and should be sent via email to the President of DACOF and NOT posted to the group.

The President will then provide the Board of Directors a consolidated set of the nominations. Prior to the competition, the Board will evaluate the nominations with regard to the many qualities Randy had and select a recipient of the Randy Reed Memorial Award for that year. Although anticipated to be awarded annually, the Board reserves the right to not select a recipient in any given year.


Nomination emails should be sent to: and include the following information: 


**Name of Nominee 


**Name of Submitter (and phone number if there are questions) 


**A brief (less than one printed page please!) description of why you think your nominee has impacted agility in Florida, DACOF in particular, and embodies the qualities of Randy Reed.


Please find below a brief list of several of the qualities Randy possessed. This list is in alphabetical order (not order of importance) and is definitely not exclusive. If your nominee possesses great qualities not on this list, please feel free to let us know what they are in your nomination email: 


Altruistic, broad viewpoint, charitable, dedicated, determined, giving of time & energy, leader, open to new challenges, passionate, proactive, respectful of people and animals, selfless, sense of humor, trustworthy, welcoming, willingness to help/serve.


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