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FEO (for Exhibition Only) at DACOF


Is there FEO (For Exhibition Only) at DACOF???

Well, sort of…

Through the years, many Team Captains and Handlers asked if a dog could be run at DACOF at a jump height which is LOWER than the official AKC “Preferred” jump height. (For Example, a request for a dog measuring into the 20” AKC Jump Height, which would equate to a 16” Preferred Jump Height, be allowed to jump at an even lower 12” jump height at DACOF).


Prior to DACOF 2023, the Board approved those requests on a “case by case” basis, allowing the Dog to run at the lower height, but earning zeros as scores throughout the weekend, participating as “FEO” (For Exhibition Only). 


As we continue to allow four (4) Excellent/Master Dogs per Team, these requests are occurring with more frequency.


As are requests to allow “Veteran Dogs” to participate at DACOF.


Therefore, we would like to officially announce to the DACOF Membership that dogs can participate “FEO” at DACOF, jumping at heights lower than would normally be required. These “FEO” Dogs will participate in all the runs, but will earn zeros as their scores for the runs. It is important to note however, that other than a “lower than regulation jump height” allowance, no other FEO provisions will be allowed. (Toys WILL NOT be allowed in the ring, and repetitive training of obstacles WILL NOT be allowed, although Handlers would be allowed to touch their dogs in the ring to encourage or help them onto or over obstacles). Additionally, the entry fees for “FEO Dogs” remains identical to the entry fees for fully judged dogs.


This will provide the opportunity for Veteran Dogs to play at any jump height desired at DACOF. And “Young Dogs” (which must still be a minimum of 15 months old) who may not yet be jumping their “Regulation Height” can also participate at a jump height lower than their measured “preferred” jump height, if desired.


Lastly, it also allows “newbies” (or anyone for that matter) to participate without the pressure of being judged and scored, even if they are running at their “Regulation” height.


While this may not affect a significant number of Teams and Handlers, we feel it encourages more inclusiveness at the DACOF Event of those wishing to participate in the pageantry, camaraderie, and “Spirit of DACOF” we all love so much, but at a “lower than regulation” jump height, or without the pressure of being judged and scored.


We hope this welcomes many FEO participants to our Event!



Rev. 2023-02-06


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