2019 DACOF Quick Notes!

In a little more than a week, DACOF 2019 will be in the history books! Each year we have more people experiencing their first DACOF. As such, we thought it would be helpful to send out some brief information regarding the weekend. There is updated information again this year - so even if you’re an “old hand” at DACOF, please read these notes. If you need more information, most questions can be answered by visiting the DACOF.com web site (“Send a Team” tab), or the DACOF Facebook Page.


Please clean up after our dogs!

This usually goes without saying but we would like to ask everyone to please clean up after our dogs. ESPECIALLY at the hotels!!! Our Housing Committee Chairperson, Tamara Aull, works hard to secure lodging for our Members. We are generally very good about cleaning up after our dogs, but once again this year, Tamara had to address concerns of Hotel Management while expressing regret that our Members didn’t clean up after our dogs as well as we could have. We like to think that maybe the offenders are other guests not associated with our group staying at the same hotels, but we ask everyone again to please carry an extra poop bag (or three) so we might be able to help someone out who needs one.  Let’s all strive to be extra good stewards for the dog community!


Leg Lifting / Marking on Walls, Ring Corners, Support Columns, Garbage Cans, Etc.

There was a lot of “Leg Lifting” last year with urinating on walls and all sorts of things our dogs should not have been marking!  It seems that after the first dog commits an offense, several others follow suit. It is NOT ACCEPTABLE for our dogs to be marking or relieving themselves on the arena walls, ring corners or ring fencing, brick columns outside the lobby doors, garbage cans, elevators, etc. If your dog happens to mark by mistake, please clean it up! Handlers allowing (or as occurred several times last year, encouraging) their dogs to relieve themselves in any of these areas may be subject to disciplinary action as if their dog eliminated inside a ring. Please make every effort to potty our dogs in the designated areas of grass OUTSIDE the arena!


Center Aisle / Tight Quarters:

We are all aware that squeezing three agility rings onto the surface at Silver Spurs creates “Close Quarters” and tight spacing in the arena. Especially the center aisle! We ask everyone to please keep the center aisle open as much as possible, and we ask that no treats be left on the tables around the rings. DACOF is a “Team” event/environment so there may be many “first-time” dogs and handlers participating. DACOF is a veritable “Three Ring Circus” with constant activity! It is very easy to become distracted and lose awareness of our dogs. We ask everyone to please remain cognizant of their dog and its spacing between other dogs. Some dogs may require extra space, and they may be wearing a bandana to signify this need. Additionally, “flexi-leashes” are prohibited inside the arena and should not be used anywhere around the arena. If we all try to remain aware of our surroundings, we can help avoid the possible conflicts that can occur in such tight quarters. Lastly, we should probably not be watching and cheering-on our friends from the center aisle. There are much better vantage points to watch from, and it will help cut down on the congestion!


Concessions Stand:

The Concessions Stand WILL NOT be open at all on Friday and does not open until 10:00am on Saturday and Sunday. So please bring drinks and/or snacks for those times, to be consumed discreetly.


Bring a Sweater and/or Sweatshirt and/or Scarf:

The Silver Spurs Arena is airconditioned and some may find that it is quite cool inside the arena. Please be prepared by having an extra layer of clothing (or two)… just in case!


Safeguard all valuables:

Please be sure to safeguard your valuables while inside the Silver Spurs Arena. The agility community in general, and the DACOF Family especially, is a very trusting and trustworthy group! Therefore, it is easy for us to let our guard down when it comes to protecting our valuables. We would like to remind everyone that there will be outside workers and there may be other outside visitors moving through the Silver Spurs Arena. Unfortunately, through the years, cell phones and other valuables have gone missing. We would like to remind everyone to please remain vigilant protecting our valuables.


Personal Photography / Video:

Personal Cameras (excluding cell phones and/or electronic tablets) will NOT be allowed on the arena floor during the competition on Saturday or Sunday. Additionally, Professional, “prosumer” or professional-like cameras (any camera with a detachable lens) will not be allowed for taking pictures or video from the seating areas during competition. Anyone seen with a camera on the arena floor, or with a professional-like camera in the stands will be asked to please leave the arena. However, Members will be permitted to freely take pictures/video in the arena during the practice run-thru’s on Friday, with whatever photography/video equipment they may have.

But please remember, Flash photography is NEVER allowed!


Run Thrus and Crating on Friday: Friday will again be the day most people arrive at DACOF to setup and catch a practice run. Joanne Killeen and her team will start to layout the crating area at 8am. CRATING ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE POSTED AFTER JOANNE AND HER TEAM ARE FINISHED!!! Please do not move any crates or personal items into crating areas until after Joanne has posted the crating assignments!!! (Thanks Joanne Killeen and the Dog Training Club of St. Petersburg!)

We will also start building the rings and courses at 8am.

Hint! Arrive at 8am to help! Regarding run-thrus; we will start them as soon as the rings are built. This is usually around 10am. We will have all 3 rings running AS LONG AS WE HAVE VOLUNTEERS TO STAFF THEM! Volunteers will earn a free run thru for each hour worked.

(Thank You Rhonda Koeske, Betsy Walton and Jill Potter!)

!!! Run thrus will end at 4pm !!!

However, ticket sales for run thrus will probably end by 3pm.

Being in possession of a Run-Thru Ticket may not guarantee you a turn - please make sure to get your run in before 4:00pm! We may request handlers move to a different ring as time runs out near 4pm.

An online worker sign-up sheet is available at:


Packets and Course Maps: Team packets may be picked up on Friday afternoon between 3:00pm –5:00pm and on Saturday and Sunday morning. Course maps for Saturday may be picked up Saturday morning from 6:40 – 7:15am and Sunday’s courses can be picked up during the same time period Sunday Morning. (Thanks Cindy Little and DTCT!) Please send one person to pick up your team’s packet and course maps. They will not be given out individually!


Outside Noisemakers: DACOF is proud of the team spirit that makes this competition exciting! However, in the past, one of the most common comments in our post competition survey was about outside noisemakers that disturbed dogs running in the rings. In the spirit of consideration for our fellow dog/handler teams, we ask that no outside noisemakers be used while dogs are running. And in the same spirit, please be considerate of our fellow competitors at all times!


Awards Ceremonies: As we did last year, we will have the awards for Saturday’s competition on Saturday along with the Annual Meeting and the presentation of the Randy Reed Memorial Award. A Cash Bar will be available for those who may want to enjoy an adult beverage or soft drink. This year we will also have some pretzels, potato chips with dip, and a vegetable platter for light snacking. So, bring the team and cheer, then gather with all your friends to celebrate! After the competition ends on Sunday, the awards will begin only after all the equipment trailers have been loaded. The more people we have helping with ring breakdown and trailer loading, the sooner we can start the Awards Ceremony.


Raffle: The DACOF raffle is famous for the AWESOME “baskets” that each team brings to help ensure DACOF can continue financially. Please remember that each team, not each organization, is required to bring a basket for the raffle. A team without a basket is a team without a score – so please make sure that the Raffle table checks in your baskets (thank you Shelly Libberton, Lisa Fortschneider, Michael Fortschneider and Shenanigans!) Baskets will be accepted on Friday from 2:00pm – 5:00pm and on Saturday morning through 9am. Tickets will go on sale after that point. Ticket sales will end approximately 11:00am on Sunday and the numbers will be drawn some time after noon. An announcement will be made after the numbers have been drawn.

ONLY WINNERS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE RAFFLE AREA AFTER TICKET SALES CLOSE!!! Any baskets that have not been picked up by the beginning of the awards ceremony will be re-raffled at that time so keep your tickets!


DACOF CATCH: CATCH stands for Crating Area Team Challenge. Our esteemed judges will do a walk-thru of your crating areas on Sunday morning while you are walking-thru their courses! Sound may be used during the CATCH Judging. Please be considerate of your neighbors though! Four teams (2 winners and 2 runners-up based on team size) will win entry discounts to DACOF 2020! Please remember, no tape on the walls or arena surfaces and if a Team’s decorations include a pop-up tent, regular tent, covering or enclosure, a fire extinguisher must be provided, present and visible at all times!


Outstanding Sportsmanship Award: During the event weekend, if you see a competitor or worker do something “above and beyond” to show outstanding sportsmanship, we would like you to nominate them for the Outstanding Sportsmanship Award! Nominations cannot be made for someone on your own Team and current Board Members are not eligible to be nominated. This is your opportunity to help recognize someone on another Team for their Outstanding Sportsmanship.


Written Briefings: Please be on the lookout for the DACOF Updates email blasts and check the DACOF Facebook Page, and the dacof.com web page for the current briefings on the events offered at DACOF. A big thanks to Tracy Hanna who compiles these each year. These briefings explain the games and their scoring. Please share these with your whole team.


Outside Food: We will be allowed to bring in some outside food again this year – however, we almost lost this privilege after several Teams were not discreet with their food items last year.

SMALL PERSONAL COOLERS ONLY! No large coolers and no “buffet style” food in your crating areas. The concession area will be open Saturday and Sunday from 10am to approximately 4pm. They will be offering regular concession fare but are also going to having their “signature salads” available as well. Silver Spurs re-evaluates the agreement of allowing outside food on a year by year basis. So please, make extra efforts to be responsible and inconspicuous regarding outside food items!


Golf Cart Parking: A few of us have opted to rent Golf Carts for the weekend while some may be bringing our own from home. Please DO NOT park under the entryways. In previous years the carts made things very crowded trying to get dogs and people in and out of the arena. Last year there were only a few carts. We are expecting more carts this year, so this is very important!


Thanks everyone! See you all VERY soon!


Your DACOF 2019 Board of Directors



Rev. 2019-06-19