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DACOF Workers


DACOF Workers


DACOF Works because we all work!!!


Each Team is required to provide two workers.

Partial Teams with four or less members are required to provide one worker.

If an organization or group is sending two teams, they will need to provide at least four workers. If an organization or group is sending three teams, at least six workers should be provided.


Each team will be assigned a job (or possibly multiple jobs) each DACOF Round.

The Team Captain is responsible for having an “Able and Competent Person” available to work the assigned job. If a worker is not available or capable to work an assigned worker position, the team will not be allowed to run that class and will receive zeros for their scores.


Here is a brief description of the jobs to run a ring:


1. Ring Captain – makes sure all worker positions are filled in the ring. If a body for that team is not in place, all scores for that team do not count in that round. The Ring Captain needs to make sure that as soon as a round has ended, the new workers are standing by and are ready to get into their proper job positions. A Ring Captain’s job is MOST IMPORTANT from about fifteen minutes BEFORE the rings are getting started making sure all workers are ready to fill their worker positions. Once the new session begins and all workers are accounted for, it is important for the Ring Captain to make sure all the worker positions remain staffed. While the Ring Captain does not need to remain at their assigned Ring for the entire session, they should check back from time to time to verify there are workers at all positions. Since the Ring Captain is not required to remain at the ring for the entire session, this job will remain with the same team for two sessions (Large and Small Dogs). 


2. Gate Steward – it is so important to keep the line moving, and let the assistant scribe know of changes, so the scribe is free to concentrate on scribing. Because of our large entry, each class will probably need two check-in sheets. They will be arranged so the first sheet can be lifted to see the second sheet. However, the “backs” of the sheets will be used for the next class, so please don’t throw anything away!


3. Assistant Gate/Scribe – keeps the ring moving, and acts as a communicator between gate and scribe. This will probably not be a sit-down job. Ask the handler for his/her dog’s name & number to verify the correct scribe sheet. The Assistant Gate/Scribe may want to keep all scribe sheets and give them to the scribe when you know the handlers are lined up ready to run. Work that out between you two.


4. Scribe – Watch the Judge! This is a position that Team Captains must assign to a skilled, proficient worker!!! In addition to watching for the Judge’s signals, (Refusals, Faults, Dropped Bars, Missed Contacts, etc.) marking the appropriate calls on the scribe sheet, the timer will speak/show you the time to write on the score sheet at the end of each run. Please make sure that you give the scribe sheets to the sheet runner, so they can be scored. If you know someone is absent, mark it so and send the sheet to the score table. If we need to send it back, we can do so.


5. Timer - make sure the timer starts with each run and whistle if it has not done so. Give the time to the scribe, usually saying and showing is the best way.


6. Ring Crew 1,2,3 – reset bars, change table, A-frame heights, and help the judge in any way. We want the Judges to last the entire day. A Judge normally works a maximum of 330 runs in an AKC trial and we are asking them to do almost half again as much work!


7. Exit Gate Ring Crew – will get the dog and handler in a gated area, close the gate, and then have the handler put on harness/leash. This way we are not waiting for the dog/handler to exit before the next person can run.


8. Scribe Runner – bring 3 or 4 sheets at a time, so the score table can keep up.


9. Leash Runner – take leash/harness from entry to finish.


10. Course Builders – Usually an entire team is assigned to be responsible for building all courses for a ring. Like the ring captain, they need to be following the ring, so they know when to build, and get it done quickly!


And please remember, DACOF works because we all work!!!



Rev. 2018-05-08

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