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Kathy Brown, DACOF Vice President 2015-2024

Kathy started in obedience with her Toy Fox Terrier, Juliette in 2003. Wanting to find something to bring back the zest in Utility, the team turned to agility.  Juliette and Kathy made their Novice A agility debut in 2005. Juliette and Kathy progressed from their Novice A debut in 2005 all the way to to becoming the AKC Preferred National Agility Champions in 2013. Juliette retired the summer of 2013.  Kathy continues to compete with her Rat Terriers, Flash, Streak and Scream!, and now her Toy Fox Terrier, Paris.  Kathy has competed at DACOF since 2005, and has been Vice President since 2015.

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