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DACOF Preferred Eligibility Rules

Dogs entered by Handlers on a roster may be entered at a preferred level (defined below) in accordance with these requirements:

1. The dog must compete at the skill level equal to its highest Standard Agility Title earned in any venue and/or in accordance with the DACOF competition level eligibility rules while jumping at EITHER their preferred or standard (regular) jump height.

2. To qualify for a preferred status in DACOF, a dog must compete only in preferred classes after a designated date in late January or early February of each year. The designated date will be published as one of the “Important Deadlines/Dates” each year as part of the DACOF Flyer.

3. Preferred is defined in accordance with AKC jump height requirements that allow a dog to compete at 4” lower than their standard (regular) height as determined by their jump height card and according to AKC Height Measurements.

4. Preferred competitors will not be accorded any other consideration other than their jump height. Specifically, no additional time will be added to SCT for any run.

5. Dogs running in preferred may be visually designated in a manner determined by the TS and BOD to avoid confusion.

6. Preferred dogs will run in the same running order with all other dogs running at that jump height.

7. Preferred dogs will be scored for both team and individual awards along with the dogs from their standard (regular) jump height.


For example:

Dogs competing at 4” Preferred are scored with dogs jumping at their regular 8” height;

Dogs competing at 8” Preferred are scored with dogs jumping at their regular 12” height;

Dogs competing at 12” Preferred are scored with dogs jumping at their regular 16” height;

Dogs competing at 16” Preferred are scored with dogs jumping at their regular 20” height; and

Dogs competing at 20” Preferred are scored with dogs jumping at their regular 24” height.

8. Penalty for violating these qualifying rules will be the disqualification of the dog not eligible for the preferred designation (will be scored as FEO) and the elimination of the dog’s team from being considered in Team Final Standings. Elimination of the Dog's Team is at the discretion of the BOD upon receiving knowledge of a violation of these rules. The entry of a dog in a trial at standard (regular) jump height after the requisite date will be considered evidence of a violation of this rule. Although the team may be disqualified, members of the disqualified team can still be considered for Individual placements.

9. Entry forms will provide check boxes to indicate the dog’s standard (regular) height as well as the preferred height, please provide both on the entry form.

10. Any Dog that does not have an official height card (temporary or permanent) may need to be measured prior to competing at DACOF. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to be certain the dog has an official AKC Height Card and is entered in the correct jump height.




Rev. 2018-01-02


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