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Personal Photography / Video at DACOF


Personal Cameras (excluding cell phones and/or electronic tablets) are not allowed on the arena floor during the competition on Saturday or Sunday. Additionally, Professional, “prosumer” or professional-like cameras (any camera with a detachable lens) will not be allowed for taking pictures or video from the seating areas during competition. Anyone seen with a camera on the arena floor, or with a professional-like camera in the stands will be asked to please leave the arena.


To accommodate those that like to take their own pictures and video, Members will be permitted to freely take pictures/video in the arena during the practice run-thru’s on Friday, with whatever photography/video equipment they may have.

But please remember, Flash photography is NEVER allowed!


DACOF has professional photographers and videographers that pay to be vendors at DACOF. They invest significant capital in personnel, equipment, effort and time to be at our event. The photographers take pictures of every dog and every run. They then spend an incredible amount of time after the event organizing and consolidating all the pictures, by handler name, to make them available on the internet for purchase. The videographers also spend significant time and efforts with their processes during and after the competition.


We encourage our Members to solicit all the DACOF Vendors, especially the photographers/videographers who work exceptionally hard to capture our special DACOF moments.

Rev. 2019-05-20

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