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In 2017 the DACOF Board introduced an award to recognize individuals who exhibit “Outstanding Sportsmanship” during our DACOF tournament weekends. So many “good things” happen at our DACOF Event that we wanted a way to acknowledge, celebrate and reward some of these deeds. While we all like to compete at our best at DACOF, The Board wanted a way to recognize that for some, “It’s not always all about the trophies!”


During the event weekend, if you see a competitor or worker do something “above and beyond” to show outstanding sportsmanship, we would like you to nominate them for the Outstanding Sportsmanship Award! This is your opportunity to help recognize someone on another Team for their Outstanding Sportsmanship. (Nominations cannot be made for someone on your own Team and current Board Members are not eligible to be nominated.)


Forms will be included in competitor packets and at the scoring table. Additionally, announcements will be made throughout the weekend reminding everyone to submit nominations when they witness Outstanding Sportsmanship! We don’t want to explicitly define what “Outstanding Sportsmanship” is, because we trust that YOU will know it when you see it! 


Please look for the nomination forms and keep watch during the weekend for those outstanding sportsmen and women among us! 


We ask that nomination forms be completed and placed into the nomination box at the score table BEFORE NOON on Sunday. This will provide the Board time to review and decide whom among us showed exemplary sportsmanship during the weekend! An award (or possibly awards) will be presented during the closing ceremony Sunday. 


We are proud to have another way to recognize some of the many good things happening in our DACOF agility community!

Rev. 2019-06-25

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